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KORNEA is the first On-Demand Platform dedicated to Visual Arts delivering a unique and immersive visual experience to its users, and offering a new revenue model to its artists

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Enjoy a new personalized Visual Arts experience with a selection of the best painting, photography, video, and digital art artworks

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Contribute to the development of the Visual Arts community through the revenue-sharing model KORNEA offers its artists for the artworks they share

Contribute to the development of the Visual Arts community through the revenue-sharing model KORNEA offers its artists for the artworks they share

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Browse, discover and immerse yourself into the atmosphere of your favorite artworks by broadcasting them independently and simultaneously on your mobile devices and TVs*
(*) via Apple TV. Available soon on Android TV, Smart TVs and TV streamers.

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Download the App on your phone and tablet
Enjoy a unique user experience with the access to the catalogue and new releases to view and select your favorite artworks
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Select the content to broadcast on every TV
From your phone or tablet, stream content to one TV via Airplay, or multiple content to several TVs simultaneously and independently via Apple TV
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… or select your content directly from your TV
Get direct access to your personal library and favorites by logging in your account from your Apple TV
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Eric S. – 52yoClaire Z. – 32yoAnne P. - 38Henri D. - 41Florence T. - 29
I like to search for artworks on the net and on social media, but I had never found before an App gathering the different visual arts in the same place
Eric S. – 52yo
User, Art lover in Paris, France
Artworks' quality and curating enables me to avoid wasting time as it is too often the case on social media
Claire Z. – 32yo
User, Graphic Designer in Irvine, CA. USA
I have immediately liked KORNEA's revenue-sharing model for artists while protecting at the same time artworks' and artists'rights
Anne P. - 38
Artist, Photographer in Paris, France
The UI is beautiful and the UX is at its best… Works are highlighted and the broadcast on television drags me into another universe. Wonderful !
Henri D. - 41
User, Author in Paris, France
I’ve never uploaded my works on a platform before, but Kornea team has been very professional and responsive and has helped me through the whole process
Florence T. - 29
Artist, Painter in New York, NY. USA

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